I’ve been featured on PlayboySlateVICE, Bitch, and in XBIZ Premiere magazine, I have been a guest on Tristan Taormino’s Sex Out Loud Radio on two separate occasions, I participated in a couple panels at CatalystCon West and East, SheVibe made me into a superhero, Kinkly named me the #1 Sex Blogging Superhero of 2013, and I was quoted in Tristan Taormino’s book, The Secrets of Great G-Spot Orgasms and Female EjaculationAlso, porn star Danny Wylde once called me “Sex Toy Reviewer Extraordinaire.”

See all my press clippings below, followed by heartwarming quotes.

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#notpee hashtag I created, featured on Cosmo, Playboy, The Daily Dot, Dr. Drew, and more!
In January of 2015, I wrote a post and created a hashtag, #notpee, in response to a scientific study claiming that female ejaculate is “essentially urine.” The universe found out about it and it was discussed on Cosmo, Playboy, The Daily Dot, Dr. Drew, and Mic. Summation of the hoopla can be found here.

The Sweethome
The Sweethome, sister site to gadget-reviewing The Wirecutter, did a series of guides about sex toys with help, recommendations, and quotes from me. Check out their lists of the best vibrators, best G-spot toys, and best anal toys, which are 80% spot-on.

Sex Out Loud Radio, “Epiphora on Testing Sex Toys and Writing with Honesty and Snark [04/04/14] (bonus: links to products mentioned)

Sex Out Loud Radio, “Julie Stewart on Keeping Couples Connected with Sportsheets and Epiphora with Honest Sex Toy Advice” (transcript here[11/15/13]

Quote from Tristan Taormino herself:

Thanks to YOU for that fantastic fantastic gift guide, and you’ve donated a lot of masturbatory hours all in the name of giving good advice to my listeners, which I really appreciate . . . You can always count on Epiphora for her no-holds-barred reviews.

Playboy, “Are Your Sex Toys Safe?[01/22/14]

Durex, “Durex’s Favorite Sex, Love & Relationship Blogs [09/10/14]

Epiphora has more than six years of blogging about sex toys under her belt. With discerning tastes and honest and straightforward reviews you’ll find that she doesn’t mince words or dance around a subject with odd euphemisms. As a speaker and columnist her information on sex toys is widely respected. If you’ve been wondering about a toy you want to purchase we recommend you head to her blog to see if she’s already reviewed it.

I'm the #1 Sex Blogging Superhero of 2013!

Kinkly, “Our Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2013 [10/29/13]

1. (@Epiphora)
This sex toy reviewer has a mind-blowing sex toy collection, a “very discerning vagina” and an aversion to all things pink. She’s also got the words to keep you on her site for days.

Kinkly, “Our Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2014 [10/30/14]

3. Hey Epiphora @Epiphora
This sharp-tongued writer is the cream of the crop when it comes to relentlessly honest sex toy reviews. When she loves a toy, you’ll know it. We she hates it, you’ll know it. Either way, enjoy the ride!

Sex City Radio on CIUT 89.5 FM in Toronto, “August 12, 20143 [08/12/14]

Interview with Jon Pressick about how I got started reviewing sex toys, why it’s important to evolve as a blogger, why I don’t review slimline vibrators, what I think about the influx of new sex toy reviewers, why I’m wary when a brand new sex toy company asks me to review something, and how to avoid getting a disappointing sex toy.

Bitch Media, “The Trouble With Toxic Sex Toys [11/20/13]

“Most people are shocked to realize that nobody is stopping companies from making sex toys out of whatever materials they want, then labelling them however they please,” laments Epiphora, a snarky sex toy reviewer with six years (and 400 sex toy reviews) of experience. “It upsets me to see people so disillusioned with sex toys.”


VICE, “The Shape of Sex Toys to Come [09/09/13]

Sex toy review site Hey Epiphora—something like the Ars Technica or Wirecutter of adult products—has an entire section tagged “did humans even test this?” that highlights some of the more bizarre sex toy UIs out there. One such example is a toy where controls are on the insertable part of the product: “[t]he buttons are even more difficult to push when they’re IN MY VAGINA,” Epiphora wrote. Another example is something called the Split Dildo, a squishy, silicone, two-pronged dildo meant to perform an act originally intended for three separate, physically capable adults. Just take a moment to imagine wrangling that thing on your own.

“It’s astounding how many sex toys have badly-designed controls,” Epiphora said via e-mail, adding that many design choices “annoy the shit” out of her. For example, “I’m not a big fan of one-button controls, because I don’t appreciate having to cycle through all the settings to find the one I want, and never knowing where I am in the progression. And sometimes those toys won’t even turn off when you hold the button down! On the other hand, an abundance of buttons quickly becomes confusing and wearisome.”

VICE, “The FDA’s Crusade Against Lube [03/04/15]

Lube specialists say it’s paramount to be mindful of what you’re using the lube for, and also what’s inside. “Vaginas and butts are mucous membranes, as susceptible to harmful ingredients as mouths,” said Epiphora, a sex toy writer who runs the website Hey Epiphora!, in an email interview. “They’ll absorb whatever we put in them and react accordingly.”


Refinery29, “Porn For Women: A Tasteful Guide To Sexy Time [11/26/13]

Hey Epiphora is “where sex toys go to be judged.” Epiphora’s writing is great. Her reviews are frank and often hilarious. I’d suggest never buying a new sex toy without first reading what her “discerning vagina” has to say about it. Warning: After reading this blog, your wallet may suffer — there are so many fun gadgets out there to try!

Glamour Brazil

Glamour Brazil, “Saiba quais são os 100 melhores blogs de sexo do mundo” (the top 100 blogs in the world of sex, translation here) [01/15/14]

AVN logo

AVN, “CatalystCon: Spreading the Sex-Positive Message in Porn Valley [09/30/13]

In the “Will Write For Dildos: How And Why Companies and Reviewers Should Work Together” panel, manufacturer reps and reviewers alike offered tips on getting started as a sex toy reviewers, as well as how to maintain mutually beneficial relationships.

One of the most important — if not most obvious — suggestions was to keep the lines of communication open and honest. If reviewers will not get to a review for some time, they need to be upfront about that. And if manufacturers are asking to preview reviews before they post, state it clearly that’s not your policy.

“Be honest in your review,” said panelist and blogger/reviewer Epiphora. “You have to care more about the reader than paying back a perceived debt to the toy company.”

Epiphora on Slate's XX Factor

Slate, “Lifestyle Lady Bloggers Don’t Write About Sex. Should They Have To? [12/07/12]

While there are few dildo recommendations integrated into décor and recipe-centered blogs, you can find hundreds of them at Hey Epiphora, the online outpost of a woman who exhaustively reviews sex toys for a female audience. In many ways, Epiphora is a typical “lifestyle” blogger; she’s just a sexually focused one. When she’s not reviewing the latest $100-plus vibrator, she files confessional blog entries like “My Vagina Is A Black Hole,” an account of how she got comfortable using penetrative toys, and “The Two Weeks of My Sex Life I Lost to Zoloft,” a discussion of how antidepressants can affect a woman’s sex drive . . .

Epiphora in XBIZ Premiere magazine

XBIZ Premiere magazine, “Blogger Spotlight: Meticulous Mentor [04/09/12]

A self-proclaimed “sex toy encyclopedia,” Hey Epiphora began reviewing sex toys in 2007 for an online sex toy shop before launching her own platform to unleash her own “snarky, ridiculously truthful thoughts on sex toys” in 2008. has since blossomed into a trusted source for consumers looking for comprehensive product recommendations and commentary on modern-day cultural views on sex and its icons.

Tristan Taormino, The Secrets of Great G-Spot Orgasms and Female Ejaculation. Quote from my Pure Wand review.

Jane's Guide

Jane’s Guide, “Hey Epiphora

If you are tired of blogs reviewing sex toys and claiming that they are all just wonderful, then you will really like Epiphora [i-pif-er-uh]. She pretty much tells it like it is. Her reviews read a bit like a chat with a good female friend, rather than a sales pitch. Taste in sex toys is personal, and her descriptions actually give you enough info to make a fairly educated guess before shelling out $100+ on a luxury toy. Awesome.

Sex in Words, “The Hook-Up: Hey Epiphora

If you want to know about sex toys, you go see Epiphora. Her ‘if ya can’t beat off with ‘em, snark style’ is legendary. It is also extremely valuable., “The Truth About Sex Toys — Interview with Epiphora [07/25/13]

Epiphora has built up a huge resource about the products she reviews, including helpful information about sex blogging. If you want to know the truth check her blog, she’s real and never holds back., “Experts Share Tips for a Sexy Valentine’s Day [01/29/13], “Interview! Epiphora Talks Sex Toys, Blogging & Being Awesome [07/17/13]

(Free account required to read), “Interview: Hey Epiphora [07/17/13]

planetivy-logo, “A beginner’s guide to sex toys [06/14/13]

Epiphora's advice on Kinkly, “Sex Toy Testers Share Their Top Picks for Valentine’s Day [02/01/13], “We Accosted Sex Experts with a Mic – Here’s What They Said [10/03/3], “More Bang for Your Buck: What Makes a Luxury Sex Toy? [11/20/13]

Epiphora interview with Dangerous Lilly, “Interview with a Sex Toy Reviewer: Part 3: Epiphora [01/31/12]

Epiphora is a sex toy reviewer first and foremost. She does what she loves, what she does best, and she has a big following. She’s been controversial at times and never shuts her mouth for anybody or anything — and usually she uses her powers for good. But oh when she hates something, and she really fucking hates it, we love to read it!

The Valley Advocate, “Digital, Digital Get Down [01/19/12]

This popular sex toy reviewer spends her days doing three things — masturbating, blogging and drinking coffee. A frank glimpse into one young woman’s toy-driven sexploration with snarky critiques of crappy toys and frequent giveaways of the ones she loves the most, Hey Epiphora’s got her fingers on, in and around the pulse.


If you are a sex toy enthusiast and haven’t stumbled across Epiphora’s blog, you’re missing out (and maybe don’t know how to use a computer). She’s one of the best sex toy reviewers around . . . So, if you’re in the market for a toy and want a very well-considered, yet entertaining (and sometimes snobby) opinion, Epiphora is your gal.

Early to Bed

Simply the best sex toy reviews blog I’ve come across.

Girly Juice

Your reviews are like Michael Kors tearing apart a Project Runway mess.


I trust her because I once spent an ungodly amount on a vibrator which turned out to suck. Found out later that even though it’s from a fancy company that would totally send her stuff for free, she gave it the horrible review it richly deserves.


Someone I would trust with the safety and happiness of my genitals any day.

Sarah at Marvelous Darling

“Piph likes it!” Just like Mikey and his breakfast cereal, Epiphora has a discerning taste for her sex toys and she doesn’t mince words.


Epiphora writes as though she doesn’t owe anything to anyone. And her style isn’t lying to you, because she doesn’t. To call her snarky would suggest that you know nothing about her. Yes, her writing emits snark but it’s so much more than that. Her sarcasm is biting, but her attitude is nothing in the realm of flippant. With every word you can taste the anger that she has for the industry, and at times, the passion she has for strides taken towards improvement and actual innovation. She will never apologize. And she never should.

. . . Piph came such a long way and cultivated this identity, as well as this lifestyle. She didn’t just make a name for herself- she set a fucking precedent. She doesn’t care about the backlash of a bad review, and will always stand up for what she believes in. She is fiercely loyal to her readers and to her own sense of responsibility, which is never taken lightly. She is the single-handedly most integrous person I’ve ever had the pleasure of being in the same orbit as, and there is no one more in this community who inspired me quite like she has. Everything she does is, unequivocally, for her readers. She started out as that wild card, that game changer, that unrelenting force. Well, she started a fucking revolution.

Millennia Toybox

So, the first sex blog I read way back when (alright, on the 1st), was HeyEpiphora, and her blog is one I visit daily. There’s so much content I’ve not had a chance to read and educate myself on! (It’s also no secret that I adore her and her S N A R K.)

So, while reading through her reviews I found myself sharing the funniest ones with my friends and they’d laugh and read more of her blog too. And I noticed that not only was Piph educating people on sex toys, but she was BRUTALLY HONEST, gave them a laugh and converted some people who didn’t even READ sex blogs, to reading sex blogs and purchasing toys.


Sweet looking for such a snarky toy reviewer.

Joan Price

Her writing style and strong opinions are her trademarks. If she says that something is amazing, we take her word.


If you don’t trust my blind judgment, and you don’t trust the peanut gallery, at least trust Epiphora, because really, if you can’t trust her, who CAN you trust?


Most of the toys I’ve bought (as opposed to receiving for review), I’ve bought because Epiphora has recommended them. She never steers me wrong.


If you aren’t already reading Epiphora, you should be! Funny and smart sex toy reviews with a healthy side dose of simmering rage.


One of my favorite sex toy bloggers . . .  You all should be reading her. I don’t buy ANYTHING without reading her reviews.  She’s a talented writer and overall awesome person.


Epiphora is one of my all-time favourite sex toy reviewers. And also one of the few original sex toy reviewers still around — yup, she’s Old Skool. I’ve actually been blog-stalking Epiphora for quite some time now. If I’m curious about a toy, the first thing I do is check to see what Epiphora has to say about it — she knows her shit! She knows what she likes and she’s not afraid to say so. With her combination of snark and hilarity, I have literally spent HOURS on her blog. Not only have her reviews influenced a lot of my purchases but they have also saved me some serious cash! I hope someday to have amassed the collection that she has!

Tales from the Toy Box

Epiphora is probably accurate in her claim that she is a sex toy encyclopedia. Epiphora has been reviewing sex toys for over 5 years now and she does it in an unashamedly honest way. You’re left with absolutely no doubt about how Epiphora feels about the sex toy that she has reviewed . . . We like Epiphora’s honest reviews. There’s no bias, no affiliation and definitely no nonsense.

Madame Liberty

Find many reviews on the net trying lascivious, salacious unnecessary and humorless, often irrelevant and intrusive, by which I mean things about the following style: “when my friend came home, I had put on my sexy underwear. before I surprised him with a new toy, I got him a first down … ” – So what I do not want to read! It does not interest me and is too intimate and therefore embarrassing. way, scolded enough! There are also many happy exceptions, my dearest favorite site in this respect

German-to-English translation of a post on a German forum that I still love