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Epiphora in superhero formI have a very discerning vagina. For over seven years, I’ve been testing sex toys and writing about them on the internet. Highly trusted and well-known for my snarky style, I am the antidote to the coy, euphemistic sugar-coating that plagues bad sex writing. Many loyal readers entrust their future orgasms to me, and I do not take that honor lightly. (Want help finding the best parts of this site?)

Although I’m pretty sure the estimated value of my 500+ sex toy collection could’ve bought me a really fucking nice car if I had different priorities in life, this also means that I have a baseline knowledge of sex toys that very much surpasses that of your friend’s wife. Plus, I’m sometimes a hoot.

As a trusted voice in the sex toy landscape, I’ve been featured on PlayboySlateVICE, Bitch, and in XBIZ Premiere magazine, I have been a guest on Tristan Taormino’s Sex Out Loud Radio on two separate occasions, I participated in a couple panels at CatalystCon West and East,  SheVibe made me into a superhero, Kinkly named me the #3 Sex Blogging Superhero of 2014 and #1 of 2013, and I was quoted in Tristan Taormino’s book, The Secrets of Great G-Spot Orgasms and Female Ejaculation (press clippings here). I also offer consulting services to sex shops, manufacturers, and bloggers.

Me (Epiphora) being a motherfucking professional blogger

I don’t believe that wishy-washy sex toy reviews benefit anyone. I have my preferences and pet peeves (my hatred for pink and love of VixSkin are no secret), but you will never read a review of mine and question how I truly felt about the toy. Whether I love or hate something, I make it known. You’ll also never see the terms “marital aid” or “battery-operated boyfriend” in my reviews, because euphemisms give me hives. (I may or may not be known for Twitter stints that I call “Epiphora Tweets Bad Sex Toy Reviews.”)

I’m a feminist, pansexual, in a long-term relationship with a dude and a newer one with a cute girl, and greatly prefer cats to children. My jack-off sessions are long and my cups of coffee are doused with creamer. When not smashing out paragraphs for this blog, I can be found working on the floor at a local sex toy boutique, making it my personal mission to sell as many Mona 2s as possible.

You can learn more about me via my feature, Ask Piph.


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