Sealed wood is a sex toy material loved for its lightweight feel — and stunning look. The greatest and most trusted manufacturer of wooden toys is NobEssence. Their toys are sealed with a patented coating, making them smooth and non-porous.

Aug 062013
Postcards from the Peanut Gallery: Seduction

It’s been three years since I reviewed the NobEssence Seduction (oh my god, I’m OLD), and in that time, my extreme fervor for this dildo may have gotten lost somewhere, confined to emails and little Twitter freakouts and cruel Tumblr ultimatums. But case in point: I once had a dream I got angry, accidentally broke my [...]

Sep 102012
Review: Penetralia Number 23

The Number 23 is not, as you might think, a psychological thriller starring Jim Carrey, but instead a wooden dildo made by Penetralia. That’s good news, since I don’t think this dildo is quite capable of handling the responsibility of being the cause of all things in the universe. It’s an okay dildo, but it’s not that good. [...]

Jul 082012
Penetralia wooden toy winner

Thank you all for making my Penetralia giveaway a rousing success! I’m so thrilled to be the first one to give away a piece from such an up-and-coming manufacturer. And a beautiful piece, no less! The winner is… Eli! With a choice between Number 66, Number 28, Number 23, and Number 33, Eli chose Number 66. Taking after me, [...]

Jun 202012
Review: Penetralia Number 66

Aside from a handful of super indie manufacturers and some really sad bigwig attempts, wooden sex toys have primarily been the domain of NobEssence for quite some time now. But there’s a new brand on the block, and it’s called Penetralia. Usually new sex toy manufacturers make me yawn, but not this one. I love wooden toys and [...]

Jun 102011
Review: Allure

My first wooden dildo was the NobEssence Linger, a meager yet bulbous1 little thing with a finger hole. The NobEssence Allure is like a second edition of the Linger, expanded and deluxe. The finger hole has been replaced with a G-spotting bulb, and the bloops on the shaft have been enlarged, elongated, and straightened out. The G-spotting [...]

Aug 312010
Purpleheart vs. Cocobolo

These kinds of emails are the best to receive: It’s time for another round of awkward question of the day: Would you be able to take a picture of your Seduction and Intrigue? I really want both of those, but I’m having a hard time discerning between the colors of the wood from your blog [...]