VixSkin is a dual-density 100% silicone made exclusively by Vixen Creations. One of my favorite materials of all time, and definitely my favorite soft material, it is characterized by a hard inner core covered in a spongy outer layer. It feels slightly tacky, but is very soft and skin-like.

Oct 292013
Discontinuation alert: Vixen neon dildos

I HATE WRITING POSTS LIKE THIS, but you guys deserve to know before it’s too late. These beauties from Vixen Creations are going away. All neon Mavericks, including the tie dye one, are being discontinued, as is the neon green Mustang. I guess we can’t have nice things. That appears to be the only explanation. (I’m sure [...]

Sep 062012
Neon and tie dye VixSkin winner

So I’m pretty sure my neon and tie dye VixSkin giveaway has been my most successful giveaway to date. AND WHY WOULDN’T IT BE? WHO WOULDN’T WANT NEON AND TIE DYE DILDOS? Take notice, world. People like things that are not pastel pink! Anyway, the winner I’ve randomly selected is Maggie Munkee, who chose a tie [...]

Aug 212012
Giveaway: Neon and tie-dye VixSkin FOR YOU!

So after screaming “IS THIS REAL LIFE???” and recovering from my initial heart attack when I heard about these new toys yesterday, I knew my next mission: get one into the hands of one of my readers, STAT. I could not just announce the existence of these dildos without giving one away. Thank goodness Searah [...]

Oct 032011
Review: Mustang

[Eeee! This incredible dildo comes in neon pink and tie dye in addition to the skin tones!] Oh my god. This thing. You guys. This thing. It is SO GLORIOUS. It’s been nearly a year and a half since I fell in deep love with dual-density VixSkin, but not once in that time have I [...]

Sep 022010
Review: Outlaw

The Vixen Creations Outlaw is a beast. I think we can all agree on that. Towering at a freakish 8 1/2″ tall, with a girth of 2″ and an insanely detailed shaft, there is no denying the Outlaw’s presence. Mine is in the delicious chocolate color, which is deep and rich — probably my favorite of [...]

Jun 202010
Review: Johnny

I did it. I got Johnny — a realistic dildo with BALLS. And VEINS! And… and… balls! (Keen readers will point out that I’ve already had one realistic dildo with balls: Mr. Man. This is true. Mr. Man’s balls are very perky, though, which somehow makes it easier to consider them anything-but-balls. Johnny’s balls droop [...]

May 182010
Squeeze some VixSkin winner!

Damn! You guys really like dildos, don’t you?! The response to my Squeeze some VixSkin giveaway was immense. I wish I could give all of you the VixSkin dildo of your choice. But there can only be one winner. And that winner is… HushPlushie, who chose Raquel. Congrats! Thanks again to everyone who entered, and be sure [...]