Vibratex has been around since 1983, and you can kinda tell in their designs. They make a lot of rabbit vibrators, particularly the popular Rabbit Habit, but my favorite thing they make is the Mystic Wand. They are also the distributor of the Hitachi Magic Wand and Magic Wand Rechargeable.

Epiphora's best and worst sex toys of 2015

Epiphora's best and worst sex toys of 2015

[Check out my annual best/worst tag for older lists!]

What a year 2015 was! I showed my face on the internet and subsequently used it to prank all of you. I got emotional about what being a writer means to me, then had my work published in Best Sex Writing of the Year. I managed to get out of the house a couple times, to attend the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summitan epic sex blogger retreat, and two smaller #dildoholiday vacations with friends. When the universe manifested yet another “scientific” “study” “proving” that squirt is pee, I protested loudly, and so did many of you. . . . read the rest

Review: (Hitachi) Magic Wand Rechargeable

Review: (Hitachi) Magic Wand Rechargeable


—everyone on earth whenever I post a photo of the Magic Wand Rechargeable

Yes. Yes, it is. The time has come, my friends. The legendary Hitachi Magic Wand, widely regarded as the most powerful vibrator of all time, now comes in a rechargeable version. It can finally be there for you during power outages. While camping. On your porch. In your treehouse. On your top bunk. Or simply when you’re too damn lazy to get up and plug something in. (Me, all the time.)

The world has been holding its breath, as have I, because there are many ways this new version could have gone terribly wrong. . . . read the rest

Video review: Princessa

Video review: Princessa

[This toy really is the worst, but this is mostly an April Fool’s joke.]

In the past month, I’ve lost the ability to form full sentences. My fingers have forgotten how to type, settling only for clicking and dragging while I hold my breath. My eyes have been replaced with cameras, my legs with tripod attachments.

But it has been worth it. Because now, finally, I can show you my first ever video review.

I’ve dabbled in the video arts over the years, but this is a new level because it involves more than simply painting my nails. Written reviews are not going away — there will just be video reviews sprinkled in every once in a while. . . . read the rest

Review: (Hitachi) Magic Wand Original

Review: (Hitachi) Magic Wand Original

[Wondering how I feel about the rechargeable version of this toy? I LOVE IT.]

I finally get the Hitachi.

I am now old and my vulva is grizzled, and I have come to a place of understanding with the bumbling, imprecise beast that is the Hitachi Magic Wand. Perhaps that is how it was meant to be.

But there should be laws forbidding newbie reviewers from trying it. I received my first one a mere month after launching my blog, and I ended my almost-entirely-useless review with, “I know eventually I will sing your praises just as everyone else has. . . . read the rest

Review: Tulip

Review: Tulip

The Vibratex Tulip is really bizarre. It looks like a rocket ship puking a flower, like some combination of a character from David Lanham’s work and a beast from the Oddworld games. Figuring it would fit right in, I decided to photograph it among my old Littlest Pet Shop toys.

I’m not easily swayed by sex toy reviews since I witness so many of them that I consider dead wrong, but my amiga at Marvelous Darling said of the Tulip: “If you have a clitoris, you need this vibrator.”

Welp, I hope you will still love me, Sarah, but I do not completely agree. . . . read the rest

Epiphora's best and worst sex toys of 2012

Epiphora's best and worst sex toys of 2012

[Check out my annual best/worst tag for older and newer lists!]

Ahhh, yearly traditions! As 2012 comes to a close (how did that happen, though, seriously?!), the time has come for me to recount my most loved and most hated sex toys that I tried this year. As in 2011 and 2010, I’ll first list the best/worst toys, then give out faux awards such as “Most Heinous Battery Compartment” and “I Risked My Life For You; You Are Welcome.”

Don’t forget to comment with which toys you loved and hated this year!

Best sex toys of 2012

  • Crystal Delights Crystal Twist — I thought I’d felt it all, especially when it came to glass dildos.
  • . . . read the rest
    Review: Mystic Wand

    Review: Mystic Wand

    The Vibratex Mystic Wand is a damn good sex toy. No caveats, no horror stories. It just gets things right. Replace the entire text of this review with “IT RULES,” and that would sum up my feelings about the Mystic Wand.

    Where so many other toys fail, the Mystic Wand succeeds. Batteries are a breeze to insert into the Mystic Wand. The cap is easy to screw on. Buttons are fun to push. Settings are very perceptible, thanks to enjoyable color-coded lights. I don’t have any trouble grasping the shaft. It’s not too heavy. The head isn’t too big. The vibrations are strong, and they don’t transfer to the shaft, so there’s no hand-numbing. . . . read the rest

    Review: Hitachi Magic Wand

    Review: Hitachi Magic Wand

    [Oh hey! I reviewed the updated (Hitachi) Magic Wand Original and
    Magic Wand Rechargeable. Those are much better reviews, so read them instead, yeah?]

    Hello, hello, reigning champ of vibes! Pleased to meet you. I thought I never would, as I was always put off by your grandma-esque appearance. But, presented with the offer to review you, I could not resist. I had to know. What makes you so great? Why do the bloggers shorten your name to the majestic Hitachi? Am I going to shudder and squirt when I orgasm?

    You came in a laughable box plastered with photos of dorky people using you on innocent spans of skin: backs, arms, shoulders, legs. . . . read the rest

    Review: Maven masturbation sleeve

    Review: Maven masturbation sleeve

    My boyfriend is very, very attached to his hand. He has perfected his method of masturbation: five minutes or so, a fluid squeezing motion that I have yet to replicate, and coming into a square of toilet paper. I bought him a cheap-o masturbation sleeve a while back, and needless to say, it did not convince him of the majesty of masturbation sleeves. It was too short and the internal nubs provided no extra stimulation.

    I was probably going to buy the Maven sleeve for him for Christmas if I didn’t acquire it for review first. I’ve heard it’s a good ‘un, and it’s one of the most popular sleeves that doesn’t resemble a vagina. . . . read the rest

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