PSA: Not everything I say is sexual

PSA: Not everything I say is sexual

I know this may be hard to believe, but I am not a sex maniac. I do not have sex on the brain 24/7. And most importantly, I do not feel the need to sex-ify things that I say, or say things that are ~hot~, to appease others. For example, my tweets so far today:

  • It’s the first day I wake up and want to turn on the heater. Oh boy.
  • I watched the documentary Babies last night. Don’t tell my mom.
  • Q: Places to get stock images that can be used on a blog — ready, set, GO!
  • Can’t do much work with a kitty on me.
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We came, we Tickled.

Hoorah! My Tickle gift card giveaway went swimmingly. The Twitter parties were great — we discussed many awesome things, like how sex toys are different from humans (sex toys can’t knock you up) and what toys would be most useful in the event of a zombie apocalypse (many people mentioned lighting phthalate-laden dongs on fire). I was seriously laughing.

And throughout all the fun, I was able to give away some gift card cash to Tickle. The winners of the 10- and 15- dollar cards were Elodie, siniful, cand86, sexysweetieshan, A_K_A_2010, Saraid, Luscious Lily, and PollyVincere.

And the winner of the $50 gift card is… Ash! . . . read the rest

Giveaway: It's raining Tickle gift cards!

So, peeps, remember those Twitter parties I held a while back? They were awesome and really fun, so I decided to hold some more! This time, there will be no theme, only no-holds-barred chatter about sex toys and whatever else arises. And this time, prizes will be dispensed throughout the party, and the prizes are GIFT CARDS!

Thanks to the folks at Tickle, I have two $10 gift cards, six $15 gift cards, and one $50 gift card to give away! These gift cards are electronic, so winners can spend the money the moment they receive the card number from me. . . . read the rest

Woodgasm giveaway winner + a question

Woodgasm giveaway winner + a question

I had such fun with all of you throughout my Woodgasm giveaway! Especially at the bangin’ Twitter parties! Now that the festivities have wound down, I have randomly chosen a winner. That lucky winner is…

Amber, who chose the NobEssence Tryst as her prize. I approve of this!

Many thanks to SheVibe, who furnished this giveaway. If you ever want a sweet deal on any sex toy, seriously, go buy it at SheVibe.

So, question: what did you guys think of the Twitter parties? We should do it again sometime, don’t you think? Any ideas for improvements? . . . read the rest

Giveaway: Woodgasm

Giveaway: Woodgasm

Wooden sex toy manufacturer NobEssence makes some of the most beautiful — and expensive — sex toys out there. And while most of their toys retail for upwards of $150, there is a magical place on the internet that has killer prices on NobEssence toys: SheVibe. I’ve long admired SheVibe for their freakish prices and cute site… and it turns out they’re hells of generous, too!

When SheVibe offered to help me give away a toy, I decided it had to be something from NobEssence. I am in deep, deep love with the Seduction dildo and the Romp butt plug, and I believe everyone should own a wooden sex toy. . . . read the rest

Why I won't be coming out any time soon

Why I won't be coming out any time soon

My mom is having a sex toy party.

I knew the moment I read the email that I wanted to go. I poked around the company’s website, relieved to find their store not completely dependent on shitty jelly toys. Then I tweeted. “My mom does not know I review,” I wrote, “so I will have to pretend I know nothing. It may be very difficult, but I still want to go.” I was surprised that this lead to several tweets urging me to tell her.

maybe it would serve as a good opportunity to come out to her?

Tell her. . . . read the rest

I blog about sex. That is not an invitation.

I blog about sex. That is not an invitation.

Yes indeed, I run what the general population would call a “sex blog.” I spend my days drafting posts about sex toys, porn, and more sex toys. I am incredibly open about my sexual rendezvous (although I’ve never wanted to write erotica or anything like it, making me a lot less explicit than some other sex bloggers). And yes, dear god, I hang out on Twitter, Google Talk, and Facebook, where my musings about sexy things are published to those who follow me.

This should not be an invitation to wheedle, harass, or talk dirty to me — yet some men take it as one. . . . read the rest

The dual orgasm

I have discovered it: orgasmic utopia. It first happened on October 5th; I wrote, “I have discovered the dual, synchronized orgasm. G-spot and clitoral at the same time. Life will never be the same.”

I can’t think of a fancy name for it, and dual is just what it is. Annie Sprinkle calls it a “combination-gasm.” One of my Twitter followers offered, “I’d call it a miracle!” It’s also been called a “blended orgasm,” which — while I do like smoothies — was ruined forever for me when I read this article from Cosmopolitan (actual sentence: “Plus, men love it when a woman really loses herself in lust”). . . . read the rest

Saying "dildo" on Twitter

Saying "dildo" on Twitter

It’s easy to forget, especially within my sex toy bubble, that there are all kinds of people on Twitter. Look up any Twitter directory, though, and you will find circles of people such as pornstarshate-mongers, cats, evangelicals, and wedding planners. My recent Twitter contest revealed a whole new group of people to me: people afraid of the word dildo.

The contest moved along quietly at first, making its rounds from sex bloggers to sex toy lovers to kinksters. To enter, people simply had to tweet. My template tweet was — I thought — fairly benign: RT @Epiphora: I’m giving away a set of two bumpy glass dildos! . . . read the rest