Aug 282010

Hoorah! My Tickle gift card giveaway went swimmingly. The Twitter parties were great — we discussed many awesome things, like how sex toys are different from humans (sex toys can’t knock you up) and what toys would be most useful in the event of a zombie apocalypse (many people mentioned lighting phthalate-laden dongs on fire). I [...]

Jun 222010
Woodgasm giveaway winner + a question

I had such fun with all of you throughout my Woodgasm giveaway! Especially at the bangin’ Twitter parties! Now that the festivities have wound down, I have randomly chosen a winner. That lucky winner is… Amber, who chose the NobEssence Tryst as her prize. I approve of this! Many thanks to SheVibe, who furnished this [...]

Jun 062010
Giveaway: Woodgasm

Wooden sex toy manufacturer NobEssence makes some of the most beautiful — and expensive — sex toys out there. And while most of their toys retail for upwards of $150, there is a magical place on the internet that has killer prices on NobEssence toys: SheVibe. I’ve long admired SheVibe for their freakish prices and [...]

May 072010
Why I won't be coming out any time soon

My mom is having a sex toy party. I knew the moment I read the email that I wanted to go. I poked around the company’s website, relieved to find their store not completely dependent on shitty jelly toys. Then I tweeted. “My mom does not know I review,” I wrote, “so I will have [...]

Jan 262010
I blog about sex. That is not an invitation.

Yes indeed, I run what the general population would call a “sex blog.” I spend my days drafting posts about sex toys, porn, and more sex toys. I am incredibly open about my sexual rendezvous (although I’ve never wanted to write erotica or anything like it, making me a lot less explicit than some other [...]