Superskin is the patented material that all Fleshlights are made out of. The actual composition is unknown, as Fleshlight calls it a “company secret.” Superskin very soft and squishy (think flaccid penis), but also very porous. It must be powdered with corn starch to keep it from becoming tacky.

Mar 122010
Review: Succu Dry Fleshlight

Ever since the line of Sex in a Can Fleshlights came out, I’ve wanted to snag one for my boyfriend. I figured, since he loves his original Fleshlight, he’d clearly love a shrunken version. With teeth. And pale skin. And a fang-like texture on the inside. Yeah, I know. I was asking for it. The [...]

Jan 222010
Review: Tera Patrick Fleshlight (Twista)

My boyfriend is afraid of fake vaginas, but I forced him to make an exception for the Tera Patrick Fleshlight. After all, he loves his first Fleshlight, and it doesn’t even have a texture on the inside. I presented the Tera Patrick Fleshlight to him (err, gave it to him for Christmas…) because I thought [...]

Sep 272009
Review: Fleshlight

My boyfriend is probably the only dude on the planet who, upon hearing the question “do you want a Fleshlight?”, responded with a shrug. But it’s not the Fleshlight’s fault he felt this way; based on past experiences, he was convinced no masturbation sleeve would ever wow him. But let me put it this way: [...]