Sliquid is my favorite lube company. They are committed to health, and as such, all their products are glycerin- and paraben-free.

Nov 152013
Epiphora's sex toy gift-giving guide

If you ask me, sex toys are way better gifts than socks or body wash. Now I may be biased, considering I own over 400 of them and have been testing them and reviewing them for six years, but you know. The point is, I have OPINIONS about things that go on vulvas and in [...]

Sep 202010
Review: Stimulating O Gel

You probably don’t know this, but I’m fucking in love with Sliquid. I love their H2O and Sassy lubes, which are odorless, flavorless, and have a grand total of four ingredients each. Amazing? I think so. A desire for an all-natural clit stimulating gel is what lead me to Sliquid’s Stimulating O Gel. The last clitoral [...]