Looking for an incredible deal? SheVibe is the place for you! Their prices are ridic and they carry a ton of good stuff, including more obscure sex toy brands — such as Vamp, Whipspider Rubberworks, Happy Valley, Fucking Sculptures, and Papaya Toys.

Visit my landing page for all my favorite toys in one place.

(P.S. I’ve met the peeps behind SheVibe in person and they’re all badasses. I mean, THEY TURNED ME INTO A SUPERHERO.)

Apr 112014
Giveaway: the runaway dildo

Back in October, we mourned the discontinuation of some of the loveliest neon dildos from Vixen Creations, including the green Mustang and all neon versions of the Maverick. I thought they were all gone forever. BUT THEN this email from SheVibe happened: Dude, you’ll never guess what I found in the warehouse. A GREEN MUSTANG!! It had rolled underneath a [...]

Mar 112014
5 reasons why SheVibe rocks (and you should shop there)

It’s no secret that SheVibe is my favorite online sex shop. Launched in 2006, they are perhaps best known for their gorgeous, ever-changing comic-inspired art — but there’s even more awesomeness beneath the surface. Aside from the obviously good stuff like cheap US shipping, discreet billing, and award nominations, SheVibe goes above and beyond to provide a [...]

Apr 242013
Review: Stronic Eins

There’s been a lot of pomp and hype surrounding the Fun Factory Stronic line: an alleged 18 months of development, a YouTube trailer filled with innuendo and no actual facts, a video of people racing the toys across a table, and a side-eye-inducing claim that 87% of women prefer them over vibrators. Listen, bub, you’re not gonna usurp [...]

Apr 202013
Insane deals on some of my favorite toys!

I don’t like to clutter my blog and inundate you with information you may or may not want, so I usually confine this info to my sales & deals page… but not today. This sale at SheVibe contains too many good toy purchase opportunities. It will allow you to purchase toys that I adore for 15-20% less [...]