sex toy storage

Jul 192012
Sex toy storage: chargers and lube edition

Rechargeable sex toys can free people from the burden of clunky batteries, but there’s one side effect that kinda sucks: wrangling all the charging cords. I have never had a good system for this. My sex toys themselves are nicely tucked away in their plastic storage chests and dedicated boxes, but I let my charging cords [...]

May 132011
Once upon a time...

…my sex toy collection fit in one toybox (and my photography skillz sucked): This photo was taken on September 6th, 2008. Most of the toys in this box are toys I never use anymore — or that I’ve given away. The exceptions are the Turbo Glider (still awesome, though used rarely) and the Gold Ribbed [...]

Jan 142011
Peek inside my sex toy storage

I already told you about my awesome plastic storage drawers, but y’all are creepers, so I figured you’d want to snoop inside the actual drawers. When I attempted to organize my toys into these drawers, I wasn’t sure how to go about it. I didn’t want to organize things by type, since I have about [...]

Sep 162010
Best sex toy storage: plastic drawers

I think I’ve finally found a method for storing sex toys that works. In March of last year, I wrote about organizing all my sex toys into a bunch of For Your Nymphomation cases. But I was not happy with the haphazard nature of storing my toys in those cases, and quickly went looking for something [...]

Feb 192010
Review: Illuminating Boudoir Toybox

[This case is no longer available, but you can browse other sex toy storage options. Also check out my sex toy storage tag for more info on how I store my toys.] Do you need sex toy storage that could probably withstand a hurricane and also lights up inside? I’ve got a solution for you. It’s called the Tunti [...]

Mar 262009
A hint of organization

My sex toy collection has been slowly creeping out of the two For Your Nymphomation cases it was in. Many silicone toys were being kept in their plastic dildo-shaped packaging. It became more and more apparent to me that I needed more storage space, so I finally bit the bullet and ordered some more cases. [...]