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Jan 252014
CatalystCon East: sponsorship, a panel, and... a live studio audience

You may have heard — I’m going to CatalystCon East again this year. What you may not know, and should know, is that the main reason I’m going is thanks to the generosity of my pals at SheVibe. They’re sponsoring me like the supportive badasses they are. Also, what you definitely don’t know is that while I’m [...]

Nov 122013
I can't sum up CatalystCon

It began in the airport, with my iced coffee in tow, and two war vets grumbling to each other about Obama taking away all our guns. The flight was uneventful, save for the creeping, almost overwhelming sense of excitement and importance I was feeling — punctuated by surprisingly decent airplane coffee and one of the [...]

Jun 212013
A short guide to life beyond EdenFantasys

Welcome, EdenFantasys refugees, ex-pats, survivors. Gather ’round. Did you recently decide to leave EdenFantasys after their latest bombshell? Worried that you are now like a ship without an anchor, lost at sea without the forums and the people you used to interact with? Still wanting to review sex toys, but not wanting to support a [...]

Mar 202013
The amazing things that happened at CatalystCon

Or, “CatalystCon: where children teethe on cock rings and I shake the hand of the man who invented one of the best dildos in history” IT’S ALREADY OVER. Who’s surprised, though, really? Catalyst was bound to go by in the blink of an eye. Even staying up late, as per usual for me, did not [...]