Pure Wand

The Pure Wand is a G-spot wondertoy that will do nothing short of change your life.

Ask Piph #6: Pure Wand edition

Ask Piph #6: Pure Wand edition

Have a question for me? Email me at hey.epiphora [at] gmail [dot] com.

Welcome to a special edition of Ask Piph focused solely on the legendary njoy Pure Wand! If you somehow haven’t heard of the Pure Wand, it is a solid, double-ended piece of stainless steel that many (including myself) regard as the G-spot’s/prostate’s savior. I get a lot of questions about it, so I decided to compile them all in one place.

I’m buying a Pure Wand to use on myself (as a guy) but also with partners. I was wondering what tips you could give me on how best to use the toy after I’ve spoken to my partners about it.

. . . read the rest
Ask Piph #3

Ask Piph #3

Have a question for me? Email me at hey.epiphora [at] gmail [dot] com, or ask here.

Your boyfriend seems to be pretty comfortable with your reviewing. I’m curious about your choice to remain anonymous since you seem to be well received. Sorry if this is too personal or involves family dynamics. LOVE your blog.

Thank you, friend! Yes, my boyfriend is totally fine with my blog and my insane obsession with sex toys. My parents and some of my family also know, although they don’t have the URL or anything. I’ve been super anonymous since the start, and I’ve kept it that way just in case I ended up getting a “mainstream” job. . . . read the rest

It's not a free Pure Wand, but I tried

It's not a free Pure Wand, but I tried

When Sexcuse Moi asked if I wanted to do a special promotion and offer a discount on a certain toy, I knew which one immediately: the Pure Wand.

This toy is the best thing that will ever happen to your G-spot. I wish I could give everyone in the world a Pure Wand. Since that is impossible, I offer you a consolation in the form of $30 off.

The Pure Wand is regularly $110, but put the code HEYEPIPHORA in the promotional code box during check-out, and your Pure Wand will be discounted by 30 bucks. Plus, it will ship for free. . . . read the rest

Peek inside my sex toy storage

Peek inside my sex toy storage

I already told you about my awesome plastic storage drawers, but y’all are creepers, so I figured you’d want to snoop inside the actual drawers.

When I attempted to organize my toys into these drawers, I wasn’t sure how to go about it. I didn’t want to organize things by type, since I have about 5,000 dildos, so I figured I’d organize them by My Feelings. The problem? With a lot of toys, My Feelings are amorphous and indifferent. I know which toys I absolutely adore, and I know which ones I loathe, but that leaves a large chunk of my collection in the middle. . . . read the rest

My love, the Pure Wand (+ a few tips!)

My love, the Pure Wand (+ a few tips!)

You have come here wondering if the njoy Pure Wand is deserving of its legendary status. If this parenthesis-shaped pound and a half of medical-grade stainless steel can indeed change your — and your G-spot’s — life.

The answer is yes. Holy fuck, yes. Your G-spot will never be the same. You don’t even know. You can’t comprehend. Buckets of ejaculate. A parade of buckets, if that is your aim. And lots and lots of moaning.

This dildo will alter your perception of sexual pleasure forever.

Measly words can’t adequately describe what the Pure Wand feels like. This is the most intense, overwhelming sex toy I’ve ever used. . . . read the rest

Jack-off Journal #9

Jack-off Journal #9

June 6th, 2010

Here’s a little secret for you: I’ve been jacking off to words lately. I know, blasphemy. I usually hate erotica. I generally don’t fantasize. I prefer graphic depictions of genitals going into other genitals. But this particular fiction — a slash pairing which is morally objectionable on more than one level — is hot to the max. This one little smut scene involved squirting. Mmm.

I’ve also been spending several jack-off sessions comparing the Vixen Johnny with the Maverick. Finally, I think I’ve figured out the difference. Unfortunately the only word I can think to describe it is that Johnny is meaty. . . . read the rest

Jack-off Journal #8

Jack-off Journal #8

[This post contains mentions of James Deen. I no longer support him or his work.]

May 8th, 2010

Eight days into May and I haven’t jacked off yet. I need to work on life.

I saw pictures of this cute pornstar named Gracie Glam (oh god alliteration), so I got my hands on a scene of hers with James Deen, because he brings out the best in everyone. I thought I’d use the Sqweel again, mainly because I’d been rearranging my toy collection and the Sqweel was hanging out on my desk. I also realized it still had its original batteries in it, and they still had juice. . . . read the rest

Review: The Big Book of Sex Toys

Review: The Big Book of Sex Toys

Reading The Big Book of Sex Toys, I learned that it’s hard to read a book about subject I already know like the back of my hand. Also a subject I’m snooty and picky about. Also a subject that I believe no book could ever adequately cover unless I wrote it myself. And even that is iffy.

The Big Book of Sex Toys is written by Tristan Taormino, a pornographer/sex educator/badass whom I greatly respect and admire. It is meant to introduce the reader to every kind of sex toy, and it does this extremely well. It offers detailed and comprehensive descriptions of toys, all broken down into manageable categories such as “wearable vibrators” and “cock rings.” Tristan does an excellent job of describing how toys work, even when it comes to complicated ones like the SaSi. . . . read the rest

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