masturbation sleeves

Nov 152013
Epiphora's sex toy gift-giving guide

If you ask me, sex toys are way better gifts than socks or body wash. Now I may be biased, considering I own over 400 of them and have been testing them and reviewing them for six years, but you know. The point is, I have OPINIONS about things that go on vulvas and in [...]

May 112010
Review: Grip

Since falling for the Fleshlight, my boyfriend has had a distinct distaste for strokers that feel — as he puts it — too much like extensions of his hand. He likes the heft and hardness of the Fleshlight case; he feels it provides a more realistic, sex-like experience than most strokers. Unfortunately, this puts regular ol’ [...]

Mar 122010
Review: Succu Dry Fleshlight

Ever since the line of Sex in a Can Fleshlights came out, I’ve wanted to snag one for my boyfriend. I figured, since he loves his original Fleshlight, he’d clearly love a shrunken version. With teeth. And pale skin. And a fang-like texture on the inside. Yeah, I know. I was asking for it. The [...]

Mar 072010
Hell Yes: Cobra Libre

[Update: It exists! Buy the Cobra Libre at Babeland, GoodVibes, SheVibe, or Lovehoney.] I think Fun Factory is definitely onto something with the Cobra Libre. I’ve been wondering when someone would harness the power of vibrations in a penis-oriented toy, and here it is, right before my eyes: The Cobra Libre isn’t meant to envelope [...]