Jollies is a quirky and innovative silicone sex toy company. They made the groundbreaking Mr. Man (now discontinued as it once was), and also invented one of my favorite dildos, the Jollet. They are manufactured by Chavez Dezignz and sold only on Etsy at this time, but you can use code EPIPHORA to get 20% off your order.

Oct 292012
4-year blogiversary giveaway winners

Wow. I’m about 99% certain my 4-year blogiversary giveaway was the most successful giveaway in the history of this blog. And that’s a tall order considering some of the hella cool giveaways I’ve done in the past. I am humbled by all the amazing comments you left offering improvement ideas. I’ve already implemented one of [...]

Oct 032012
4-year blogiversary giveaway -- 15 prizes!

Four motherfuckin’ years, my friends. That’s how long this blog has been chugging along. If you know me at all, you know I’m a fan of throwing epic blogiversary giveaways each October to thank everyone for following my escapades, and this year is no different. Well, except it’s even BETTER than years past, because I [...]

Jun 212011
Goodbye, Jollies

[Update, 01/19/12: Jollies lives again! Hallelujah!] I suspected it was coming when I saw the Jollies toys disappearing from the stores. Everything becoming out of stock. There have been rumors, even scares, before — about Jollies going out of business. Then rumors about them being revived. But now I know, after an email from Jollies CEO [...]

Mar 142010
Review: Jollet

The Jollies Jollet: it looks so simple, but there is virtually no other dildo like it. And not just because it’s polka-dotted. I mean, that helps quite a bit, but it’s not the main reason the Jollet rocks. Made of 100% silicone, the Jollet is one of the most rigid silicone toys I’ve squeezed. It’s [...]