Jiz Lee

Jiz Lee is a hot genderqueer porn performer, author, and all-around awesome person.

Nov 262012
Review: Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to Pegging

Do you know how many years it’s been since Bend Over Boyfriend? I hate to break it to you (and myself), but 1998 was 14 years ago. While you were suffering through “Hooch” and “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It,” while Bill Clinton was not having sexual relations with that woman, and while some dumb new search [...]

Nov 062012
Review: Wolf Hudson Is Bad .com

Wolf Hudson looks like the kind of guy who owns more than a few sets of brass knuckles, but in actuality, he is a sweetheart with killer dance moves who hangs out with cats and tweets mouthwatering pictures of his mom’s Dominican food. I first laid eyes on him in Shifting Gears, and I’ve considered him [...]

Oct 192011
Review: Rough Sex 3

This may be the right time to admit that I don’t find Adrianna Nicole’s face terribly attractive. However, her body is smokin’, her tattoos are fabulous, and I definitely know why she got her own porno: she’s a powerhouse. She gives her scenes everything she’s got. She does not let up. She never looks bored. [...]

Feb 162011
Review: Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to Female Orgasms

Tristan Taormino does incredibly important work with her Expert Guide series of porn movies. So many “how-to” movies are yawn-inducing, but Tristan realizes that she must mix education with super-smokin’-hot sex. Sure, if you’re looking for an in-depth run-down of how to achieve orgasm, you’d be better off reading a book, but The Expert Guide to [...]

Jan 242011
Jack-off Journal #12

[At long last! Yeah, I'm behind.] October 1st, 2010 WHY WHY WHY WHY: WHY WHY WHY WHY. November 13th, 2010 I took a break from playing Plants vs. Zombies… …to watch a new Burning Angel porno, Doppelganger. The first scene was set in a DILDO FACTORY. I promptly skipped it, though, because solo scenes are [...]

Mar 082010
Review: Billy Castro Does the Mission

So Billy Castro, hottie extraordinaire of Bordello and Speakeasy, now has his own film. It’s called Billy Castro Does the Mission, for obvious reasons. In it, he wanders around the Mission having sex with any woman he can get his hands on. Four, in all. After a jack-off session on a weightlifting bench, Billy wanders [...]

Feb 062010
Review: Seven Minutes in Heaven 2

It’s day six of Courtney Trouble week! Yesterday: Roulette Dirty South. Tomorrow: Roulette Berlin. I was really impressed by Seven Minutes in Heaven, so I was practically foaming at the mouth to watch Seven Minutes in Heaven 2. Two of my favorite performers from the first Seven Minutes are in this one — Puck Goodfellow and Sophia [...]