A glorious sex toy material. Seamless, frictionless, and gorgeous. And no, it won’t shatter inside of you unless you’re this woman. My favorite glass toy manufacturer is Crystal Delights.

Apr 152013
Postcards from the Peanut Gallery: Comet G Wand

Usually it takes a bit of time for my screaming endorsements to seep into the consciousness of my readers. Especially when the toys I love cost a pretty penny. But not this time. I flailed about the Jopen Comet G Wand less than two months ago, and I’m already getting reports back that peeps have bought and [...]

Feb 202013
Review: Comet G Wand

[Wondering what I think of the vibrating, second generation Comet II? It is ALSO AWESOME.] It’s only February, and the Jopen Key Comet G Wand has a very good chance of being the best sex toy I try all year. I am, I must say, flabbergasted. I mean, this is Jopen we’re talking about. Jopen, creators of the what-the-fuck that [...]

Jan 072013
Hell Yes: Fucking Sculptures

Update: You can now find Fucking Sculptures at SheVibe! These people just cut to the chase. They called their company Fucking Sculptures. I like that gumption. I like it a lot. Fucking Sculptures is a brand new (seriously, their launch party was on December 23 and included glassblowing, burlesque, and pizza — why wasn’t I there?!) glass [...]

Feb 292012
Review: Lotus

A glass dildo shaped like an actual cock sounded pretty nice. I’m a fiend for many realistic dildos, so why not try a similar shape in glass? I certainly didn’t own anything like it. And so I requested the Love Style Glass Lotus. The Lotus comes in a black, padded bag with the company name embroidered [...]

Feb 242012
Boiling day

March 5th, 2009 — all laid out and drying after a nice thorough boil in a big pot. Some dildos change, but boiling day remains the same. Pictured sorta left to right: Phallix Inside-Out Spiral Rib Double Dong, Tantus Ripple, Tantus Alumina Revolve, LELO Ella, Phallix Dual-Sided Swirled Rib, Big Teaze Toys Dai-Do #4, Tantus [...]