Oct 292012
4-year blogiversary giveaway winners

Wow. I’m about 99% certain my 4-year blogiversary giveaway was the most successful giveaway in the history of this blog. And that’s a tall order considering some of the hella cool giveaways I’ve done in the past. I am humbled by all the amazing comments you left offering improvement ideas. I’ve already implemented one of [...]

Oct 032012
4-year blogiversary giveaway -- 15 prizes!

Four motherfuckin’ years, my friends. That’s how long this blog has been chugging along. If you know me at all, you know I’m a fan of throwing epic blogiversary giveaways each October to thank everyone for following my escapades, and this year is no different. Well, except it’s even BETTER than years past, because I [...]

Aug 212012
Giveaway: Neon and tie-dye VixSkin FOR YOU!

So after screaming “IS THIS REAL LIFE???” and recovering from my initial heart attack when I heard about these new toys yesterday, I knew my next mission: get one into the hands of one of my readers, STAT. I could not just announce the existence of these dildos without giving one away. Thank goodness Searah [...]

Oct 062011
Blogiversary giveaway: celebrating 200 reviews with 600 bucks!

Oh snap, my friends! This week is my 3-year blogging anniversary, and I’ve hit 200 reviews written! I wrote 35 reviews off-site before I began this blog, and this blog is the home for the other 165 reviews. I’ve been reviewing for 4 years, which is the equivalent of one review about every 7 days. Over [...]

Aug 282010

Hoorah! My Tickle gift card giveaway went swimmingly. The Twitter parties were great — we discussed many awesome things, like how sex toys are different from humans (sex toys can’t knock you up) and what toys would be most useful in the event of a zombie apocalypse (many people mentioned lighting phthalate-laden dongs on fire). I [...]