Gah, how I love them.

Apr 112014
Giveaway: the runaway dildo

Back in October, we mourned the discontinuation of some of the loveliest neon dildos from Vixen Creations, including the green Mustang and all neon versions of the Maverick. I thought they were all gone forever. BUT THEN this email from SheVibe happened: Dude, you’ll never guess what I found in the warehouse. A GREEN MUSTANG!! It had rolled underneath a [...]

Feb 112014
Ask Piph #6: Pure Wand edition

Have a question for me? Email me at hey.epiphora [at] gmail [dot] com. Welcome to a special edition of Ask Piph focused solely on the legendary njoy Pure Wand! If you somehow haven’t heard of the Pure Wand, it is a solid, double-ended piece of stainless steel that many (including myself) regard as the G-spot’s/prostate’s savior. [...]

Jan 112014
Saying goodbye to Whipspider Rubberworks

Want a fantastical dildo in the shape of a unicorn horn or tentacle? It may be your last chance. Even I may be late to this announcement, but it appears that Maine-based Whipspider Rubberworks is dying and/or dead. SheVibe tried to place a re-stock order with them last April, and haven’t heard from them since. [...]

Dec 312013
Epiphora's best and worst sex toys of 2013

2013 was a good year. I attended CatalystCon East AND CatalystCon West (even doing a panel), hit 500 posts, became a superhero, conducted my most elaborate April Fool’s joke ever, and oh yeah, I was gifted a $1,345 Sybian. I spilled my guts about the horrible sex toys I used to lust after, why I hate pink, and why I think sex toys should not be called [...]

Nov 152013
Epiphora's sex toy gift-giving guide

If you ask me, sex toys are way better gifts than socks or body wash. Now I may be biased, considering I own over 400 of them and have been testing them and reviewing them for six years, but you know. The point is, I have OPINIONS about things that go on vulvas and in [...]

Oct 292013
Discontinuation alert: Vixen neon dildos

I HATE WRITING POSTS LIKE THIS, but you guys deserve to know before it’s too late. These beauties from Vixen Creations are going away. All neon Mavericks, including the tie dye one, are being discontinued, as is the neon green Mustang. I guess we can’t have nice things. That appears to be the only explanation. (I’m sure [...]

Aug 062013
Postcards from the Peanut Gallery: Seduction

It’s been three years since I reviewed the NobEssence Seduction (oh my god, I’m OLD), and in that time, my extreme fervor for this dildo may have gotten lost somewhere, confined to emails and little Twitter freakouts and cruel Tumblr ultimatums. But case in point: I once had a dream I got angry, accidentally broke my [...]