A smooth and rock hard non-porous sex toy material, but under-utilized. Many ceramic sex toy companies have come and gone… leaving not much more than some sketchy Etsy sellers and Pipedream’s Ceramix line.

Review: Ceramix No. 4

Review: Ceramix No. 4

I wanted to feel the sensation of water sloshing in my vagina. Like the refreshing feeling of wading into the ocean. Like the satisfaction of tilting a Magic 8 Ball. The Ceramix No. 4 doesn’t feel like that, which is one reason you shouldn’t buy it. But it’s not the main one.

The other reason is that it’s made by Pipedream. I hate this company and want to burn it to the ground. They have violently sexist and racist marketing, which they defend with statements about how men are basically pigs anyway. They write upsetting press releases and send repulsive emails. . . . read the rest

Review: Signature

Review: Signature

Oh joy! Oh rapture! My first ceramic toy!

This is the Signature, a very shiny ceramic dildo made by Duncan Charles Designs. Duncan Charles is a small (yet wonderfully generous!) operation based in Texas. They make their toys out of “refined Texas clay,” which means the clay “has no impurities or additives that are imported from other destinations.” Thank goodness! Wouldn’t want any of those Arkansas impurities…

The Signature’s packaging puzzles me, though. It comes in a large square shoebox-like box, taped shut. Inside, there is a layer of foam, a slip of paper with care instructions, a storage pouch, and the toy, lying diagonally in a valley of satin-covered foam. . . . read the rest

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