A smooth and rock hard non-porous sex toy material, but under-utilized. Many ceramic sex toy companies have come and gone… leaving not much more than some sketchy Etsy sellers and Pipedream’s Ceramix line.

Review: Ceramix No. 4

Review: Ceramix No. 4

I wanted to feel the sensation of water sloshing in my vagina. Like the refreshing feeling of wading into the ocean. Like the satisfaction of tilting a Magic 8 Ball. The Ceramix No. 4 doesn’t feel like that, which is one reason you shouldn’t buy it. But it’s not the main one.

The other reason is that[. . . read more]

Review: Signature

Review: Signature

Oh joy! Oh rapture! My first ceramic toy!

This is the Signature, a very shiny ceramic dildo made by Duncan Charles Designs. Duncan Charles is a small (yet wonderfully generous!) operation based in Texas. They make their toys out of “refined Texas clay,” which means the clay “has no impurities[. . . read more]

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