buried vibration syndrome

This is a condition I coined to describe vibrations that don’t seem to reach the surface of a toy. Many Fun Factory toys suffer from this ailment, since they have more silicone cushion to them than most. Clitoral toys with buried vibration syndrome suck. For insertable toys, buried vibration syndrome can actually be an asset, because it prevents the toy from numbing my vagina. The best way I’ve seen this explained was in this article.

Power affects the pitch and noise level of a vibrator. The reason this can be a factor is because often manufacturers will do everything they can to make a vibrator quiet as that is how most customers prefer it. However, in doing so they must often add sound barriers that keep the vibrator from having the internal components vibrate. This will impact the level of sensation that one can feel on the surface of the vibrator and may reduce the power. However, one of the most powerful vibrators on the market (Wahl) is so quiet that you can barely tell it is on, so it really is in how a vibrator is designed that will affect its noise and power.

Dec 192013
Review: Cupcake

This sex toy is everything I hate. Cutesy. Twee. Pink. Girly. Symbolic. I want to chuck it into a river. So why am I reviewing it? Oh, I have my reasons. Listen to Tommy with a candle burning and they will become clear. I’ll just say this: treat sex toy reviewers like garbage, and we’ll retaliate with a [...]

Aug 142013
Review: Flash

The year is 2013 AD. Yet, eyes closed and knowing nothing, I could swear that the Lovehoney Flash is a tiny gourd stuffed with bees from 54 BC. It really has all the buzzing “power” of a herd of bees. Apparently a group of bees is sometimes called a “grist.” A grist of bees. But that makes it [...]

Jan 212013
Review: Mini Magic Wand

You might stumble across the Lovehoney Mini Magic Wand while shopping for the legendary Mystic Wand and think to yourself, “oh! It’s 30% cheaper than the Mystic Wand and virtually the same! Nailed it!” But you would not, in fact, have nailed it. The second time I went to try the Mini Magic Wand, I actually said out [...]

Aug 162012
Review: Big Boss

The Fun Factory Big Boss is seriously orange. Across the room, day-glo, Manic Panic, atomic, toxic waste orange. Of course, that was a big reason I wanted it. I love that Fun Factory d-d-d-does have the guts to make their toys in off-beat, unpopular colors. But it was the combination of the orange + the girth + [...]

Jul 252012
Drugstore condom company vibrator showdown

They’ve figured us out, guys. THEY KNOW. People… actually… use… vibrators. The newest model on the shelves is the Tri-Phoria, created by the condom company Trojan after a study the company conducted in 2008 in partnership with the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University revealed that over half of American women had used [...]

Feb 202012
Review: Kiki

I was going to ignore PicoBong altogether. Although I was initially drawn to the brand because, well, LELO invented it and some of the toys come in turquoise, I quickly found out that the toys were about as stimulating as rubbing a rock on your genitals. Besides, I give the side eye to anything that [...]

Aug 172010
Review: Spring

The Fun Factory MiniVibe Spring is a little pipsqueak of a vibrator in the same family as Fun Factory’s Bubbles, Ocean, and Flash — all smallish, rechargeable, fully waterproof silicone vibrators that charge magnetically. Of those options, I chose the Spring because IT COMES IN GREEN. Yeah, I’m easily swayed. So what? Not sure whether it [...]