Liberator is a sex furniture manufacturer. The make the awesome Wedge, as well as the lifesaving Fascinator Throe.

Review: Décor Wedge

Review: Décor Wedge

It’s hard to describe Liberator shapes to people. The word “shape” doesn’t exactly evoke much, so sometimes you have to resort to, “um, it’s like a really awesome pillow.” Which results in the side eye, because who’s going to pay a bunch of money for a pillow?

But I’ve owned my original Liberator Wedge for years now, and it has yet to be usurped as my favorite Liberator shape. It just works, unlike some other weird and wobbly devices Liberator has invented. Could a stylish re-imagining of the Wedge — the Décor Wedge — give the original a run for its money? . . . read the rest

Review: Décor Fascinator Throe

Review: Décor Fascinator Throe

The Liberator Décor Fascinator Throe is my third Liberator Throe. That tells you a lot, right there. I now have a Throe for every room I could possibly masturbate in, and for every sensation I could ever want to feel under my ass. Microfiber, shag, and now velvish — I’ve felt and squirted on them all. And all of them have held their glorious promise of keeping moisture from seeping through.

Why did I want a third one? Honestly, I can never have enough Throes. Especially when I go to the closet and find that the cats have made one of them into the nesting material for their secret hide-out. . . . read the rest

Legend for my header

Legend for my header

Click to embiggen.

Yes, my friends! The time has come! No longer will you have to slave away on the internets trying to figure out WTF that-one-toy-in-Epiphora’s-header is. No longer will you have to sheepishly email/tweet me and awkwardly try to describe the location of the toy you need identified.

I took the picture that became my header image in fall of 2008, when I bought, so these toys are all from that time. Some of them are a bit embarrassing…

  • Evolved Symphony Rhapsody
  • Hitachi Magic Wand — I received my first one a little too early in my reviewing career.
  • . . . read the rest
    Review: Scoop/Wedge

    Review: Scoop/Wedge

    The Liberator Ramp and Wedge are somewhat legendary in the sex blogging community — and should be legendary in the entire world — for making sex and positioning infinitely better. I am definitely of that camp, and have been for the years since my boyfriend and I scrounged up enough money to buy the combo. I’m also in lust with my Liberator Fascinator Throes.

    I’m not sure why exactly I chose the Scoop as my next Liberator shape. Perhaps it was the name. Or the thought of rocking back and forth while fucking. One thing I didn’t realize was that Liberator sends a Wedge along with the Scoop. . . . read the rest

    Review: Fascinator Shag Throe

    Review: Fascinator Shag Throe

    [Psst, I’ve also reviewed the Décor Fascinator Throe.]

    A while back, after I learned to squirt, I pleaded for someone, anyone, to buy me a Liberator Fascinator Throe. My juices were soaking through the towels I put down, through the comforter, onto the bed sheets. I was frantic, wanting to explore the world of squirting but not wanting to have to wash the sheets after every exploration. Luckily, I didn’t have to suffer long — my amazing and extremely generous friend bought a black Microfiber Throe for me.

    I am very fortunate in that I have spent very few sex/masturbation sessions without my Throe. . . . read the rest

    His fingers, the tip of my pinkie

    We set up the Liberator Ramp and Wedge on the bed, then draped the Throe over it. It was a luxurious black mess, a satin throne for me to sprawl upon. I spread my legs and lay back, into the comfortable and firm foam. After a bit of oral — sweetening me up with watermelon-flavored lube — he began fingering me. It was high time he witness me squirt, and he wanted coax it out of me with his fingers.

    I’ve never been one for fingering. Not once have I fingered myself for masturbatory purposes, so I don’t crave it from him most of the time. . . . read the rest

    The spirit of sex bloggers

    It’s been snowing like mad out here, and my Christmas festivities have been delayed for a few days. Today was going to be just another day… until I checked my inbox and saw the best surprise ever: someone bought me the Fascinator Throe off my gift registry.

    I was amazed. I posted my plea just last night, late last night, and hadn’t even tweeted about the entry. I figured it wouldn’t get much traffic anyway, as a lot of people are busy celebrating the holidays. And, needless to say, I doubted anyone was willing to fork over $85 just for me. . . . read the rest

    It's official; I'm a squirter

    Last night, I squirted for the third time in my life. It was ridiculously easy to get there, knowing exactly how fast I have to thrust with the Ella. I soaked the towel and comforter yet again. I yelled out in pleasure yet again. And I felt incredibly accomplished yet again.

    There is something very exciting about all of this. I don’t want to buy into the ejaculation = power thing, but it really does make me feel powerful to be able to create and expel liquid during orgasm. Okay, there’s really no way to say this that doesn’t sound cheesy, but it makes me feel in touch with my body. . . . read the rest