Liberator is a sex furniture manufacturer. The make the awesome Wedge, as well as the lifesaving Fascinator Throe.

Apr 122011
Legend for my header

Click to embiggen. Yes, my friends! The time has come! No longer will you have to slave away on the internets trying to figure out WTF that-one-toy-in-Epiphora’s-header is. No longer will you have to sheepishly email/tweet me and awkwardly try to describe the location of the toy you need identified. I took the picture that [...]

Jun 102009
Review: Fascinator Shag Throe

A while back, after I learned to squirt, I pleaded for someone, anyone, to buy me a Liberator Fascinator Throe. My juices were soaking through the towels I put down, through the comforter, onto the bed sheets. I was frantic, wanting to explore the world of squirting but not wanting to have to wash the [...]