Swedish luxury sex toy brand LELO makes some fantastic toys. My favorites: Mona 2, MiaElla, and the Luna Beads. They come with great warranties, and their rechargeables tend to hold their charges FOREVER.

However, they’ve had their share of fuck-ups: Ida, Luna Beads Mini, and SmartWands.

Dec 312013
Epiphora's best and worst sex toys of 2013

2013 was a good year. I attended CatalystCon East AND CatalystCon West (even doing a panel), hit 500 posts, became a superhero, conducted my most elaborate April Fool’s joke ever, and oh yeah, I was gifted a $1,345 Sybian. I spilled my guts about the horrible sex toys I used to lust after, why I hate pink, and why I think sex toys should not be called [...]

Dec 212013
Review: Smart Wands (medium and large)

Unreliable. That’s the word I’d use to describe the LELO Smart Wands. Not an adjective you want applied to any vibrator, but especially not an expensive one in a category of toy which is relied upon for quick, effortless orgasms. These so-called “Smart” Wands… are pretty dumb. You can’t tell from that artsy-ass photo I took, [...]

Nov 152013
Epiphora's sex toy gift-giving guide

If you ask me, sex toys are way better gifts than socks or body wash. Now I may be biased, considering I own over 400 of them and have been testing them and reviewing them for six years, but you know. The point is, I have OPINIONS about things that go on vulvas and in [...]

Oct 102013
Review: Ida

I think my boyfriend is going to break up with me over the LELO Ida. I can see it in his eyes. The despair. The dread. When I say, “hey, you know what we should do?” his features fall because he’s afraid I’m going to say “have sex.” But instead I say, “watch Orange Is The [...]

Feb 042013
Review: Mia 2 and Adore Me Pleasure Set

The LELO Mia and I go way back. Almost to the beginning of this blog. A lot of things have changed since then — for instance, I am now a hardcore Google Chrome fan, and the clunky Compaq laptop pictured in my original Mia review has been replaced by a sleek white Sony Vaio1. With [...]

Jan 282013
Red sex toy giveaway winners!

Whooooosh! That’s the sound of my red sex toy giveaway going by in a flash. Usually my giveaways last a bit longer, but I wanted to finish this one in time to get the prizes shipped out and in the winners’ hands by Valentine’s Day. And so it is over! The winner of the LELO Mona [...]