Je Joue

Je Joue is a London-based rechargeable sex toy manufacturer. Their most well-known toy is the SaSi, which attempts to simulate oral sex.

Epiphora's best and worst sex toys of 2011

Epiphora's best and worst sex toys of 2011

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It’s almost 2012, so you (maybe) know what that means — it’s time for me to list my top and bottom toys of 2011! Remember, like last year, this list includes toys that I acquired/reviewed in 2011, not necessarily toys that were released this year. Anyway, let’s get to it!

Best sex toys of 2011

  • Vixen Creations Mustang — For the second year in a row, a toy made of VixSkin tops the list. Is it any wonder? VixSkin is so good, anything made out of it is amazing.
  • . . . read the rest
    Review: MiMi

    Review: MiMi

    Everyone’s coming out with a cute little rechargeable clitoral stimulator these days. Jimmyjane released the Form 2 and Form 3; LELO invented the Siri and Alia; and now Je Joue has submitted their contribution, the MiMi.

    None of these has been the perfect clitoral stimulator; they all have issues ranging from mildly irritating (not waterproof) to problematic (shape is weird) to rage-inducing (has a glitch that turns me into a mass murderer).

    MiMi (can we catch a break on the unnecessary capitalization, plz?) was, at first, on the mildly irritating end of the spectrum. . . . read the rest

    Review: Ami

    Review: Ami

    Je Joue, makers of the failtastic SaSi, attempt to make vag balls! In my head, that is the slogan for the Je Joue Ami.

    Which is really quite unfair to the Ami, because this set of vag balls (kegel exercise balls, if you prefer) is not bad at all. Divorced from the terrible mistake that is the SaSi, the Ami balls are an admirable contribution to the vag ball market. I say “admirable,” though, and not “FREAKIN’ AWESOME,” for a reason. You will see.

    The Ami set is trying really hard, and I mean that in a loving way. . . . read the rest

    Review: SaSi

    Review: SaSi

    The SaSi is no longer in production.
    The closest approximation is the LELO Ora. There’s also the Womanizer.

    The Je Joue SaSi is a few years old now, but it’s still often touted as one of the most innovative sex toys on the block. It’s just like oral sex! It remembers what you like! Look at the rolly-ball go! It’s a technological wonder!

    And yes, the SaSi does look exciting. It features a mechanical ball about the size of a small gumball that moves around underneath a thin layer of 100% silicone. It has a “customize” mode in which the user can skip certain settings and press the “don’t stop” button on others. . . . read the rest

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