Billy Castro

Mar 082010
Review: Billy Castro Does the Mission

So Billy Castro, hottie extraordinaire of Bordello and Speakeasy, now has his own film. It’s called Billy Castro Does the Mission, for obvious reasons. In it, he wanders around the Mission having sex with any woman he can get his hands on. Four, in all. After a jack-off session on a weightlifting bench, Billy wanders [...]

Feb 082010
Review: Bordello

It’s the last day of Courtney Trouble week! Yesterday: Roulette Berlin. This shall excite you: Bordello is basically Clue porn. There is a murder, a selection of murder weapons, and a dramatic reveal at the end. It’s only 58 minutes long, but its composition and scope make it feel much more epic than any other [...]

Feb 032010
Review: Speakeasy

It’s day three of Courtney Trouble week! Yesterday: Nostalgia. Tomorrow: Seven Minutes in Heaven and a chat with Courtney Trouble pt. 2. I had high hopes for Speakeasy, Courtney Trouble’s third film, because its premise is incredibly hot: a detective discovers an underground queer speakeasy where people do two things — fuck and fight. Mostly fuck. [...]