Giveaways: Free sex toys!


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I’m currently giving away a neon green dildo + vibe of your choice! This dildo is discontinued and not likely to ever be found again, so GO! ENTER! Deadline is April 25th, 2014.

As a rabid sex toy tester, I always want to share my epic finds with my readers. But only the epic ones. I don’t believe in frivolous, boring giveaways for sex toys I wouldn’t even personally use.

My giveaways are meticulously planned and prizes carefully chosen. You can always be assured that I’m bringing you the best sex toy giveaways to grace the internet.

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In the past, I have given away several wooden dildos and a wooden butt plug, a custom silicone dildo, tons of gift cards, like five swanky glass dildos, the best G-spot toy on earth, a luxurious VixSkin silicone dildoporn DVDs, green sex toys of every sort, an amazing harness, and I tend to have increasingly massive blogiversary giveaways each October that contain piles of prizes.