Hell Yes

Upcoming sex toys that might actually be good?!

Hell Yes: SelfDelve produce-shaped sex toys

Hell Yes: SelfDelve produce-shaped sex toys

These are dildos. Due to the graphic nature of this blog I would normally not need to specify that, but this could more easily pass as a basket of artificial fruits and vegetables. The sex toy world has given us glass versions of produce before — chili peppers, eggplants, cornbananas — but a huge selection of body-safe silicone ones?[. . . read more]

Hell Yes: Fucking Sculptures

Hell Yes: Fucking Sculptures

Update: You can now find Fucking Sculptures at SheVibe and Early to Bed!

These people just cut to the chase. They called their company Fucking Sculptures. I like that gumption. I like it a lot. Fucking Sculptures is a brand new (seriously, their launch party was on December 23 and included glassblowing, burlesque, and pizza —[. . . read more]

Hell Yes: Everything Zini is making?

Hell Yes: Everything Zini is making?

This is what I call a fucking tease:

Oh, you want to click on the toys? See bigger pictures? Read descriptions? Too bad — YOU CAN’T. This is all you get, loser.

Ah, carrot-dangling at its finest (and most frustrating). Well played, Zini. Well played.

My predictions about each toy’s features:

Donut: Dispenses donuts after use
[. . . read more]

Hell Yes: <i>Bartenders</i>

Hell Yes: Bartenders

[This post contains mentions of James Deen. I no longer support him or his work.]

Bartenders is the newest, yet-to-be-released feature porno from Burning Angel. Now, it takes serious hilarity to make me laugh aloud at something on the internet, and this trailer managed to do it — three times. Even my boyfriend laughed[. . . read more]

Hell Yes: Jack's Soda Sex in a Can

Hell Yes: Jack's Soda Sex in a Can

These cuties would like you to drink their sodas, if you know what they mean… heh, heh…

Even though my boyfriend wasn’t a huge fan of his Sex in a Can series Fleshlight — the Succu Dry — I’m still giggling like a schoolgirl over this new, gay-oriented Sex in[. . . read more]

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