April Fool’s!

I like to pull your leg.

Apr 032013
We got you!

So, I pulled my most elaborate April Fool’s Day prank ever this year. A faux Indiegogo campaign, sketches of potential products, a site re-design, a newsletter, a promotional video… even with the help of my partner in crime, Lorax Of Sex, it was an exhausting, delirium-inducing endeavor. But worth it? I’ve become somewhat notorious for my [...]

Apr 012013
Help fund the Joy Ride!

[We got you — April Fool's!] I cannot explain how excited I am right now, peeps. To finally be able to reveal a project Lorax Of Sex and I have been working on for some time. I’m pretty sure you’re gonna go apeshit. With over 10+ years combined experience in the sex toy industry, Lorax [...]

Apr 012012
A few changes around here

[APRIL FOOL'S! Take none of this seriously! My past April Fool's jokes have been pretty blatant, so I went with a more subtle approach this time.] Don’t crucify me, peeps, but I’m starting to get burnt out on reviewing sex toys. I know, I know! Of course, I’m too obsessed with sex toys to ever [...]

Apr 022011
Fooled again!?

Look, I had to top last year’s April Fool’s joke. And although perhaps you were less shocked this time, I think I succeeded: Delta O. Venus called it “a festival for the senses.” Vid Tuesday said, “I love that fucking tight Myspace design you’ve got kickin’. And that dolphin toy looks tight.” Lovehoney exclaimed, “It’s [...]

Apr 022010
April Fooled!

If you didn’t get the chance to visit my site yesterday, this is what it looked like: With a .GIF, sparkling background and Comic Sans, of course! Jake Holden commented, cool background! looks like myspace but better LOL can u send me the html codes plz>? I also posted a review of the Cherry-Scented Vibro [...]