Aug 272012

I think I can call this a legit collection now.

Back in April, after jealously ogling everyone’s photos of the mini Tantus dildos at Momentum, the lovely Jenna sent me a few in various colors. They are mini Goliaths, and I adore them. I set them up on my shelf all in a row, and threw that ridic PicoBong die up there, too, because what else was I gonna do with it?

Then when I saw Searah at Early to Bed talking about Fleshlight samples and Vixen Creations penises the other day, I saw an opportunity to expand my collection of weird tiny sex toy thing-a-majigs. I made an order for some Sliquid Sea at Early to Bed, and Searah tossed in three Fleshlight samples and a pink Vixen penis.

Fleshlight sample, Tantus dildos, Vixen silicone sample, PicoBong die

The Fleshlight sample is hilariously floppy and powdered, so I opted to display just one until it gets filthy enough to replace with another (which I know will happen). It has to lean up against the canister; that’s how jiggly it is. You can’t tell (thankfully?), but the Vixen penis has creepy little bumps on its balls.

While writing this, I found a LELO Insignia brooch in a bowl on my desk, so I added that to the line-up. Somehow I need to find myself a mini strap-on. Clearly this is now an important collection for me to nurture. Any other ideas, peeps?

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  • Frankie

    This picture desperately needs something to show scale. I did not realize how teeny tiny those peni were until I clicked on the twitter picture of the bowl full of them. Also, I am mega jealous of the bowl of tiny peni. So add a soda can, or regular dildo? More pictures lol.

  • Elspeth Demina

    I have a bizarre love of all things tiny. Seriously. You have no idea how much I envy you your tiny Tantus cocks. I often am tempted to ask customers if I can have the tiny titties or mini vulvas that are the “touch me I feel real!” demos on masturbator packaging. Sadly, I wasn’t working the day that the one with the itty-bitty vulva on it was sold. I REALLY wanted a mini-cunt. I was gonna turn it into a belt-buckle adornment or something.

  • Epiphora

    Ha! Just look at the die. It’s a regular-sized die.

  • SailorZeo

    I swear I remember someone on my action figure board having a strap-on for one of his sixth-scale figures…

  • Lilly Dangeroux

    You should get one of those teeny tiny “wand” vibrators, like the Fairy Baby Wand, the one that’s a glorified keychain.

  • Epiphora


  • Elspeth Demina

    Luckily (?) you may be getting contacted by them in the near future!

  • solitudinarian

    So cute! And OMG, mini strap-ons.

  • kateanon

    I want all of these, so cute!

  • Itzia

    How about getting a mini butt plug? :)

  • Epiphora

    I would love that!

  • Robin McClanahan

    So, I collect Asian Ball-Joint Dolls, and several of these look like they might be the right size for them! I want so much! My synthetic imaginary friends deserve quality sex toys too. I’ve actually been thinking of buying a set of BadDragon Teenie Weenies. Because I am weird, and I want my dolls to have everything that humans have. Has anyone ever seen the Teenie Weenies in person?

  • Zee

    Bad Dragon has samples available! That’s what this collection needs!