Oct 172010

I know this may be hard to believe, but I am not a sex maniac. I do not have sex on the brain 24/7. And most importantly, I do not feel the need to sex-ify things that I say, or say things that are ~hot~, to appease others. For example, my tweets so far today:

  • It’s the first day I wake up and want to turn on the heater. Oh boy.
  • I watched the documentary Babies last night. Don’t tell my mom.
  • Q: Places to get stock images that can be used on a blog — ready, set, GO!
  • Can’t do much work with a kitty on me. It’s a hard life.

But oh, oh, I mentioned a cat! Therefore, it must be time, yet again, for someone to make a faux-clever pussy joke at me! I’m a sex blogger, so I’ll think it’s hilarious, right?!

Dude, no. My cats are not an opportunity for sexual innuendo; an opportunity for cuteness, yes, but not innuendo. I’m sitting here, minding my own business, doing nothing remotely sexual — you do not need to turn that into a joke about how you want pussy.

My blog and my Twitter account do not exist to titillate my readers — not at all. Even when I tweet/write about jacking off, I’m matter-of-fact about it. Take a hint from the way I approach sex writing and everyday tweeting, and be respectful. Don’t force innuendo that isn’t there. Thank you.

  • http://voyeurondisplay.wordpress.com Evey

    I validate this.

  • Bri

    I feel like your cat has been violated somehow. Sometimes a cat is just a cat.

  • http://heyepiphora.com Epiphora

    @Bri: Okay, so I’m not alone! That’s what I thought, too.

  • Outspoken Clitic

    I am the Outspoken Clitic and I approve this message.

  • Remy

    When someone turns a comment about cats into something sexual, I get the heebie jeebies.

  • http://elodieonlove.com/ Elodie

    Yes. Also, even people who do write things to titillate, don’t exist to titillate people. People need to separate the work from the person.

  • http://sexxxay.blogspot.com Sexxxay

    Damn connotations! This is why it creeps me out when someone calls a cat a pussy in a joke (or vice versa)

    Also? Wasn’t Babies freakin’ adorable?! I hope it came/comes out on BluRay!

    (No babies/came/come jokes, PLEASE, PEDOS!)

  • http://heyepiphora.com Epiphora

    @Sexxxay: It was pretty freakin’ adorable! I laughed a great many times. And I don’t even like babies!

  • http://britisshameless.com Britni TheVadgeWig

    Yes. I fucking hate when I tweet and people make some sort of innuendo out of it. NO STOP EW.

  • http://lusciouslily.blogspot.com Luscious Lily

    Seconded. *shudder* Those responses give me the creeps. Where the hell do they get the idea that such comments would be ok?!

  • http://menstrualpoetry.com Holly

    I tweet/blog/talk about my cats a lot, especially since I recently got a new kitten and of course had to tell EVERYONE. And oh the amount of cats-referred-to-as-pussies jokes and innuendo or someone is all “And speaking of pussies!” Every single time it creeps me the hell out. No. Just, no. They are my adorable feline babies and that is it. There’s nothing more to read into here.

  • http://100waystobeperverse.wordpress.com Janie

    I think every sexblogger (particularly female) experiences this. Sometimes flirting (whilst being respectful) and talking about sex is awesome. Other times, not so much. If only the right people were taking this into account!


  • http://www.myticklespot.com Matt

    I watched babies yesterday too! Did you like it?

    PS. I get that all the time, people expect my entire life to be about sex and sextoys… ugh.

  • http://duskinchains.wordpress.com Dusk

    Love it! What does PSA stand for, by the way?

  • http://heyepiphora.com Epiphora

    @Dusk: Public Service Announcement.

  • http://quizzicalpussy.com quizzical pussy

    I’m sorry I keep sexually harassing you. It’s just that I’m totally convinced that if you review sex toys you must want me to interpret your every action as if it were improv erotica. I want to change. Help me change. That would be so hot.

  • http://heyepiphora.com Epiphora

    @quizzical pussy: Yes, of course, miss!

  • http://randomcuriosities.blogspot.com Alley

    What did your cat ever do to those people? Seriously though, we eat, sleep, and go out with friends like everyone else. WTF?