Jul 052010

This is what I call a fucking tease:

Oh, you want to click on the toys? See bigger pictures? Read descriptions? Too bad — YOU CAN’T. This is all you get, loser.

Ah, carrot-dangling at its finest (and most frustrating). Well played, Zini. Well played.

My predictions about each toy’s features:

  • Donut: Dispenses donuts after use
  • Namison: Makes car racing sounds as you thrust
  • Seed & Bud: Impregnates you with vibrator robot babies — with no option to disable impregnation
  • Chu: Coos at you and laughs at your jokes by saying “LOL”
  • Psi: Doubles as a kitchen device for cracking nuts and stirring shit (…with your mind)

While we wait for August to roll around, friends, any thoughts on what these crazy, awesome-looking contraptions might be?

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  • LucyLemonade

    OMG, if a sex toy dispensed donuts after climaxing, I’d never leave the bed!

  • The donut, I’ve seen that before and NOT from zini, but I can’t recall where.
    If its the same thing, basically its three uber motors in a ring that vibrate in such a pattern to wiggle back and forth on a guy’s cock.
    It could be something totally different though.

  • The last one, Psi, looks like a g-spot vibrator with an ergonomically helpful handle? For people less limber, or people more lazy?

  • NONE OF THEM ARE PINK GLORY HALLELUJAH. Not that I mind pink, but I’m getting rather tired of its ubiquity in sex toys.

    I have no cute ideas as to what they are, but I have some actual ideas:
    1) cock ring
    2) amped-up bullet vibe or male masturbator
    3) remote control vibrator? Actually I have no clue.
    4) dual g-spot/clitoral vibrator, like the rock chick but more ergonomic and also BLUE
    5) g-spot/p-spot toy and I must have it. Must. When I eventually get a fancy blender, I want it in that color and no other, and I want a sex toy to match my blender.

    I checked the link and no North American stores stock Zini products?!? This is a travesty and they had better start because I do not want to pay for shipping from Japan for the Psi!

  • @Elodie: It seems that Liberator sells Zini toys. I haven’t seen them in any other U.S. stores, though.

  • Michele

    Oh now that is eeevil to give us such a tiny peek! And after reading this, I’m definitely staying away from the Seed & Bud (LOL).

    I’m thinking the Donut must be a cock ring. See, the font on the logo even looks like the one for the American “Dunkin Donuts” shops, and that *would* be rather appropriate, eh?

  • Ha! I like the last one… I’d use it to beat eggs. lol.
    I agree with Elodie, It’s very nice to see that they’re not pink. I love pink, but I love other colors too. 😉 Go Zini!

  • LadyAstolat

    Well….ain’t that a bitch!

    Fascinating tho. Can’t wait to see the reveals!

  • namelesschaos

    Well they stopped being a tease here are the links to some details on these bad boys:

    Donuts (this looks cool): http://www.zini.kr/product/product_donut.php

    Seed: http://www.zini.kr/product/product_seed.php

    Also i just noticed they also have a line of cool looking p-spot massagers: http://www.zini.kr/product/product_janus_sabre.php

  • Selective Sensualist

    Oh, god. I totally want EVERYTHING Zini is making, especially the Donut. In orange. I absolutely love dual stimulators and toys that hug the vulva and clit during penetration! It sounds PERFECT for me.

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