Jan 312010

It doesn’t taste like beer.

At all.1

  1. No, not even a little. []

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  • A) Have you tried it?

    B) Who the hell would actually *want* lube that tasted like beer?

  • Yep, I bought it for the boyfriend as mostly a joke. We both agreed it tastes… like lube. He likes the taste of beer, so I thought it might be more pleasing to him than the cough syrupy flavored lubes. Nope.

    He does like using it with his Fleshlight, though.

  • LOL

  • carnivalesq

    Boyfriend: *sings* BEER LUBE ON MY CAWK, BEER LUBE ON MY CAWK… *fapfapfap*

    *dying over here*

    <3 you Piph

  • sophie2229

    This is my favorite review. The footnote puts it into the stratosphere.

  • Selective Sensualist

    Well, this is short and sweet — love it! At least he puts it to good use in his Fleshlight though!

  • Bri

    OMG. HILARIOUS review! But I am a little sad because I love beer.

  • A.M. P.F.

    *clicks randomize button, this comes up*
    First reaction: ….Where’s the review? did it not load?
    Second reaction: *collapses from laughter*

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