Oct 222008

I’m so excited I can hardly sit still!

This new blog, and my new Twitter, are working wonders for me. Today, Ansley Agnello posted a review of the Flexi Felix and tweeted about it. Her post mentioned that she was reviewing the toy for Babeland, which made me instantly jealous. I love everything about Babeland, and am sad all the time when I read about their amazing in-store events that are too far away from me. So I replied to her tweet with another tweet (this is getting so postmodern) about my jealousy. Being so cool, she sent me a private message on Twitter about how to review for Babeland, and a mere couple hours later, I was set up with them and had picked out my first product to review.

I’ll make you wait to find out what it is.

And then, as if this wasn’t already awesome enough, I found an email (in my spam folder; this is the first time Gmail has ever failed me!) from LELO, asking if I would like to try their new cock ring, Bo, and see if it lives up to its promise. How did they know about my post about Bo? They follow me on Twitter, of course!

So life is really great right now. It also helps that I am wearing fleece pants.

  • Beautiful Dreamer

    So you just completely convinced me to get a Twitter.
    I am supposed to start with Babeland this week! I’m excited…. :)

  • agentansley

    Hook me up with LELO! I've been drooling over their toys foreverrr! <3

  • Adriana

    That is really too awesome! I so want an offer like that!

  • Horny Toads

    That’s SO AWESOME! I love Lelo products and I hope the bo turns out to be fantastic for you! Just make sure and let us all know! =)

  • http://elodieonlove.com/ Elodie

    I remember how awesome it was when I first found out how cool and easy certain companies, like Babeland, are to review for.